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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

iPhone 3g Screen has unbalanced screen or phantom light -Another Problem

I can't believe my replacement iPhone 3G has a problem. This makes two incredible defect in the iPhone 3g in less than 72 hours. The first was the crack around the headset jack in the white iPhone 3G 16 gig model. Now I am experiencing a faint light in the bottom right corner. It's almost as if the screen is unbalanced or something.

I guess I have to wait back on the phone with tech support and pray they give me an appointment with a Apple GENUIS (gosh I hate that name).

THIS APPLE IPHONE 3G has me On An EmotIONAL RollER COSter!!!!!!

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

How to fix Black Screen of Death with Iphone 3G

Hi All You Iphone 3G Pioneers,

I spent 4 hours on tech support. The one saving grace was everyone was real nice, American, and real knowledgeable. If you read some of the posts below you will see I had a lot of application crashes on my Iphone 3G and then it gave me the screen of death - Just the apple logo and nothing else on a black screen.

Well the solution was easy. Just turn off your iPhone - some of you might be saying, "I can't turn off my iPhone", don't worry I was there with you. I was really scared I was going to get radiation sickness from this iPhone turning into an iBrick stuck in the pre-boot always on position. Well to force your iPhone to turn off you need to hold down the Sleep/Wake button (the button below the screen) and the power button (silver button on top) for 10 seconds and when the screen flashes off let go. If you don't let go in time the iPhone will turn back on and you will have to try again until the unit is completely off.

Then turn on your computer and start iTunes. Do not start iTunes with the Iphone 3g connected.

Once iTunes is started and warmed up get ready to connect the iPhone but before you do hold down the Sleep/Wake button (the button below the screen) and do let go of this button until I tell you too :)

Connect the iphone 3g to the computer while holding down the sleep wake button. The screen will flash around and may show you the logo but have faith. Eventually you will see the cord pointing to the computer logo that you saw when you first purchased the iPhone. This is a great sign and means your on your way to using your iPhone again!

Eventually iTunes will pick it up and will start to do a restore after you select a few obvious choices.

I hope this helps. I was sure I would have to be without a phone for a day or so.

My hats off to tech support at Apple.


Apple Support on the iPhone 3G - "Its a learning experience for us too..."

I am on the phone with tech support from apple. After waiting for 15 minutes, I was greeted by a very friendly l lady. Unfortunately she told me that its was a learning experience for them too...

Why? Why Steve Jobs is your tech support folks supporting the iPhone 3G learning on the job. Is it more important to keep Project iPhone 3G secret, or is it better to experience have it rolled out and some of the issues worked out before it goes out to the millions of gullible techno-freaks who have to have a defective product as soon as possible.

This iPhone 3G is horrible and it has made me, a person who enjoys buying technology when it comes out, gun shy. I have been burned so many times by Microsoft and now the company that was supposed to be the opposite of Big Brother is giving the masses the same crap to eat! Eat this crap, pay me money, and like it!

Please do not get the iPhone 3G... RUN ... Go and grab the iPhone 2G that everyone is selling.

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Apple iPhone 3G - Cracks In the Shell and Black Screen of Death = iBrick

When your iPhone 3G crashes 8 times a day, and your black screen of death with the Apple logo wont go away. When your iPhone 16 gig white model already is showing cracks in its case after 48 hours of use, what do you do? YOU BLOG ABOUT IT!

I can not believe how much Apple has become like Microsoft! This new has become the bain of my existence. Being a programmer I can tell it must be because the applications are not closing out of memory properly becuase whenever I switch between apps a lot it crashes.

Now the phone is dead.

I didn't even mention that I waited in line for 8 hours, took 4 hours to set the iBrick up. Now this on the second day! Thanks a lot Apple!

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Can The Iphone Connect With Ipod Accessories?

When you first get your Apple iPhone it is extremely likely that you do not let your phone out of your hands for several days. This is only to be expected because a lot of people have questions about the iPhone and whether it is compatible with out electronic devices, particularly devices manufactured by Apple. One of the most common questions that arises is whether the iPhone is compatible with accessories designed for the iPod. Since this is a cell phone rather phone many people assume they are incompatible but they are hugely mistaken.

All of the iPhones are compatible with most iPod accessories, thus making your iPhone even more convenient and user friendly. But another question that many people still have is what exact iPod accessories can you use with your new iPhone? Of course, many people love to use their iPods not only for personal music enjoyment, but also to feel a party with their favorite tunes. And if you no longer carry around your iPod, but rather your iPhone, you may be worried that you aren’t going to be able to connect your iPhone to the speaker system your iPod used to connect with. Yet, with all it’s amazing glory, the iPhone has the same connectivity port as the iPhone, thus it will connect seamlessly to any iPod speaker systems as well as car docks.

Some accessories, however, have been modified to work better with the iPhone. One example of this are headphones. While you can of course plug standard headphones into your iPhone you may find it inconvenient having to remove them to take a call when your phone rings. Apple have come up with a solution to this and designed headphones especially for use with the iPhone. These headphones feature a microphone built into the cord which means that when you have to take a call all you need to do is press a small button on the microphone. When you do this any song that you were playing will be paused and you can take the call. The same button is also used to end the call. You will also hear the call through the headphones which means that you will now hear your friends talking to you in stereo!

One reason why the iPhone headphone set is a must have accessory is that it adds extra safety when you are driving. Since you no longer need to hold your phone to your ear you can safely keep both hands on the steering wheel. You also have the freedom to move your head backwards and forwards ensuring that you can still see all the traffic around you.
The iPhone headphones allow you to keep your conversations going without any need to hold the phone. Not only can you now speak to people at any time in true stereo but you can stay focused on the road ahead and not get distracted by having to hold your phone.


Monday, March 17, 2008

Be Careful Of How You Clean Your New Apple Mighty Mouse

I have a couple of macs. A G5 and the new Imac. I am a clean guy. Many people point this out to me on a constant basis :)

I have destroyed my Mighty Mouse by cleaning it too much and wanted to warn the rest of you about this potential problem.

Sometimes when you use the Mighty Mouse it gets gunk on the mouse controlled (grease build up, dirty hands, whatever).

Make sure you avoid getting the little Mouse button in the center wet. It will cause it not to work properly and mine has never recovered.

So basically the Apple Mighty Mouse is not so mighty when it comes to a little Windex.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

iPod In-Ear Headphones Don’t Stick In My Ears

I will readily admit I am a big Apple fan. Love their computers, love their products, love their ads. Usually, I can’t get enough of Apple. I have a year old iPod Nano and the ear buds that come with them have started to go. No problem, I’ve been waiting for that so I could have a reason to get those cool looking, iPod In-Ear Headphones which on the Apple site describes them as having “great sound quality and bass response, and come with three different sized caps to ensure the headphones fit comfortably and securely in your ear.” Sounds good to me. Yesterday, visited Future Shop, picked up my new headphones, and headed home - I couldn’t wait to test them out. Turns out, the best part of buying them was tearing away the cellophane wrap. Everything went downhill from there. I stuck the things in my ear and they fell out. It comes with soft ear end pieces in three sizes (S,M,L), so I tried them all. They still fell out. Turned the box cover over to make sure it was made by Apple - it was. Are my ears that deformed? Or is this just not a very well thought-out product? Not impressed. After returning to the Apple site to read up more on the In-Ear headphones to see if there were any other options or if I was just sticking it in my ear wrong, came across a whole bunch of customer reviews describing the same problem. I know, I should have read them first, but hey, this is Apple, right? Today I’ll have to head back to return them. I can just see what my conversation with the customer sevice desk will be like:


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Time Machine - Waste Of Time

Well I have researched, installed, and unistalled Apple Time Machine. The version hat comes with the new iMac. I have to say it was a bad idea. I tried to use it to back up my desk top and purchased an external 120 gig hard drive from Rugged. The hard drive is awesome but the idea that you can back up a 300 gig hard drive on a 120 gig hard drive is not a good one.

Most of the users this product is targeted to is novice computer users. More advanced users have back up procedures and habits in place. So for the novice, if they are not careful, there natural instict wil be to back up the entire machine. There are no warnings or notifications to the user that this is a bad idea. They get in a crisis and learn that they only have a fraction of the data they thought they did.

I would say remove Time Machine and use whatever External Hard drive (I like the Rugged series) to back up there important information. I also recommend that you move your iTunes and iPhoto library to another external hard drive. This configuration has saved me lots of times with my G5.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mac OS X and Windows Vista - Nothing But Problems

Well having Vista on my Imac has proven futile. I do not use it and I am still unable to get on the internet. I can not find any help since Windows doesn't support Mac and vice versa. I am sure that if I update windows vista it would resolve the problem but without a way to get online I am unsure of how this is possible...


Monday, January 14, 2008

Not Using Dual Boot Don't Waste Your Money

I have not been using the dual boot for anything. I am now trying to figure out how to uninstall it.

I find if I want to use a PC, I use a PC.

Oh Well


Monday, December 24, 2007

Safari Won't Stop Crashing...

I just wanted to put in a side note that Safari crashes a little too much for my liking. It usually happens when I am trading stocks or doing something really important. Maybe the can fix this with the new release. I keep feeling that the memory I have on this iMac just isn't enough.

I have a G5 with a ton of memory but ever since I installed the new OS and latest iLife things have not been so good. I have not had time to really dig deep into why both of my macs are crashing a lot these days...

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Dealing With Dual Boot Mac OS X Problems

Well I installed the dual boot environment on my iMac. It visually looks a little stretched. I was expecting it to look supreme and was a little disappointed. The other main problem that I am having is that I can not connect to the internet with my dual boot Mac. It seems as if the preliminary search of Google and some of the other search engines has provided no help whatsoever. The Windows site has nothing about getting the dual boot environment to work and Apple's website has nothing.

More of getting the internet to work later.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Getting Ready To Set Up A Dual Boot

Hi Guys and Gals,

I have decided to try and set up a dual boot...

I have primarily used this machine for surfing the web, running web java applets, and using apple works 08 - it has locked up a good bit. I am a little bit worried about throwing a new monkey in the mix.

From the preliminary research it looks like boot camp is the application I need to use.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

iPhone - A Tale of Connection Nightmares

Okay, I have been neglecting the iPhone becuase of all the excitement my fingers are feeling for the iMac's new keyboard. But I am on it now.

I was really excited about getting the iPhone and being a web designer I was even more excited at the prospect of another new device that allowed people to surf the internet. I have only heard rumors of how cool this safari mobile browser was but could only image.

I got into line to purchase the iPhone. Please note, this was my second store becuase I found out the hard way that only a few stores sell this miracle device. Once I was ready to sign on the dotted line the AT&T sales rep mentions to me that they can NOT set the Apple iPhone up on a business account! The reason she gave me was that it wasn't considered a business device?!?

I was stunned. Did she not realize that there was a whole industry called the Internet industry (I know it's hard) that was built around people surfing the Internet with web browsers???

The iPhone rep then tells me that I will have to set up a new personal account. This personal account would require me to commit to at least two years.

This was a big problem and an after some research I found out that Apple made AT&T do it this way. So if your Fortune 500 company number one and you want an iPhone for your employees better get the CEO's personal credit card ...

I hope they fix this but doubt they will unless more people complain.

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Help My iMac Is Locking Up A Lot

I understand that this is not my G5 or even the powerhouse DELL I have in my downstairs office. But listen this iMac has locked up a lot since I have been putting it to the test.

I would say this puppy has locked up at least 10 times since I have purchased it.

I am not compiling large amounts of C code, I am not crunching HD video. The test that I am putting it through is keeping multiple safari windows open with one or two java applets going. Doesn't sound like a lot, huh? Well this 1gig version looks to be inadequate for heavy web surfing. I will research and see if any one else has experienced this problem


Old iMac vs New iMac

The new iMac 24" with 2.4GHz processor is about 9% faster than the old iMac 24" with 2.17 GHz processor according to MacWorld:

The key differences besides aesthetics that may have contributed to the 9% performance boost:
• New iMacs have a 800MHz FSB instead of the old 667 MHz
• The upgraded processor (2.4GHz instead of 2.17).

Video card-wise, the old iMac purportedly has a better one for games even though the new one has twice the memory.

Finally, the old iMac ships with 1GB RAM split into two 512MB sticks, whereas the new one has one 1GB stick. Having it on one piece is better as you don' t have to toss out half a gig if you want to upgrade (unless the old iMac has more than two slots, which I didn't look into).

Now, Amazon has a rebate and reduced price on the old iMac: $1600 without tax after rebate. The new 2.4GHz 24" iMac is $1800.

So this changes the equation quite a bit. If you like the aesthetics of the old machine, this is your best deal. You'll lose that 9% of performance for $200 in savings, which you need to decide whether it's worth it to you. Although you could also argue that iLife '08 will set you back at least about $70, which puts the real savings at $130.

You could also go the education route if you are a qualifying student. $1700 for the new iMac and a free iPod nano (or $200 discount on an iPod), but Apple will charge tax depending where you live.

As an anecdote, some people seem to like the old old iMac (round base with flatter screen) and those have held their value despite slower performance. So aesthetics do seem to matter to mac buyers and over time the verdict may be that the white iMac was preferable to the new one.

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The iMac has proven to be the fastest computer in my stable. I am very impressed with the speed and have not seen it hick up - until now!

I grabbed an old game TigerWoods 2003 and plugged it in to the iMac sweet superdrive only to get a message about 30 mintues later (its a two disk install) that I did not have neough video memory to run the application!

I didn't get the cheapest iMac, so I don't want to hear it. I am a little peeved by this especially since it cost more than my old Apple G5.

I will keep you guys posted on wether this is a common problem

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Does the remote stick to the iMac

This is the first problem I have had that I was kind of baffled by. I remember seeing my friends with their older flat screen iMac's and they were able to magically place the remote on the side of the screen and have it stay there. Oh how that made me envious. To see them have a remote they would never loose ...

When I brought my first iMac in November of 2007 I tried and tried to stick the remote to the screen. I was so desperate that just before Thanksgiving I was going to get the old double sided velcro out and work some McGuiver magic, but I didn't.

What I did was I went to Google and typed in "Does the remote stick to the iMac"

The results let me in on my first iMac secret. I am sure those dam "Geniuses" behind the counters at the Mac store guard this secret like those Albino monks in that cool movie with Tom Hanks.

The control sticks to the front of the iMac but you have to be David Coperfield to get it to work.

I took a picture with my iPhone to prove I did it. It seems pretty stable and I have even found a video and a god blog of someone demonstrating it and talking about it respectively.

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